The Entire List (alphabetical)

24 hours

5,4,3,2,1 wear it

A soldier


Burning feeling

By the light


Close to brew

Crash o’ Burn

Did you ever stop to wonder?

Do your balls hang low?

Does a hasher like to drink?

Do, the stuff

Donny the retard

Down your beer


Fuck a duck

Get it up, get it in

Give me an A

Glory Glory Ale and Lager

God bless my underpants

God damned son-of-a bitch

Got it up

Half a brain

He gets wasted

He shits on steeple

He’s alright

He’s got a dose of clap

He’s the meanest

Heinekin Schinikin

Hello penis my old friend

Here’s to brother hasher

Here’s to the bimbos

Here’s to the bimbos

Hot vagina

Hymn, Hymn

I don’t want to be a housewife

I fucked a dead whore

I like cock

I love my girl

I whip my cock out

I wish I was in Dixie

I’m dreaming of your wet pussy

I’m looking over my dead dog Rover

I’m your mail man

I’ve been through some shiggy

If your boyfriend tastes like shit

If your girlfriend tastes like shit

Incest time in Texas

It’s a small dick

It’s raining, it’s pouring

Juicy pussy


La cock’ll chock me


Love me tender

Meet the hashers

Mrs. Murphy

My Asshole is sore from your fucking

My D.N.A.

My name is Jack

No No No! Bad Bad Bad!

Off we got

Old MacDonald

Ooh wankers

Peter Penis


Publically pissed on

Put your left boob

Put your left leg over my shoulder

Roll back those titties for me

Roll back your foreskin

Roofie the red nosed bimbo

Rubber dickey


She’s a harriet and she’s alright

She’s a little sex pot

She’s alright

She’s got great big boobies

Shitty trails, fuck you

Slow as molasses

Some die from

Somebody (allstar)

Someone in my

Take me home from the hash

Take me out for a good lay

The monks of saint Bernard

The sexual life of a camel

There was a little bird

These shoes

This gland is your gland

This is your down down song

Twenty toes


We’re halfway there

We’ve got virgins

Well, the wiggle of her ass

What a wank what a wank what a wank

Whip it out at the ball game

Why to beers suddenly appear

Why was he born so beautiful

With an F with an F

You can hash if you want to

You fill up my anus

You got disease- you say it’s just a rash, but it’s spreading all over

You’re dumb

You’re not number five

You’re not number six

Your asshole’s like a stovepipe Milly darling

Zulu Warrior


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