Tina Turnover

Hashing since: 2011

Mother Hash: Oregon Hash House Harriers

First made her cum: Ten Dix with Wings

Naming Story:

The first time Tina got named, she had been hashing for about a month and half.  She had laid one shitty-ass Beaver trail, where everyone got lost, and the only thing they could do was conform into a giant cluster of fucking hashers.  This kept everyone warm.  This kept everyone satisfied (because her trail sure wasn’t doing for them).  So, they named her Cluster-Fuck the Beaver (seemed like a pretty legit name to me).

But not two weeks later the lovely Cluster Fuck, as she was known then, graced the No Name Hash with her presence and a big beautiful black eye. It was a glorious black eye, and when we asked where it came from she made up some bullshit about falling off her bike or down the stairs or something.  But you could tell by the tear in her eye and her dejected demeanor, clearly, this bimbo mouthed off to some respectable wanker, and he slapped her back into line.  You see, Tina tends to forget her place and demands the required discipline to put her back.  The last thing we need in the hash is some mouthy ass bimbo.  But no longer, just like Ike did for Tina Turner, someone’s fist taught her a valuable lesson.  And, as a reminder of this harsh but important lesson, she was renamed Tina Turnover by the No Name Hash.


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