Tap That Ass

Hashing since: 2011

Mother Hash: Portland Humpin’ Hash House Harriers

First made him cum: Gayzelle

Naming Story:

Tap That Ass had been hashing for about seven months before he decided to brave the elements while hashing.  It was the Snowshoe Hash, so these elements included beer, cold, whiskey, and snow.  And just like any of the other elements, a good hasher knows to use one element to fend off another.  And Tap knew that.  So, like a modern day Eskimo, he drank to stay warm.  He drank through the hash, and he drank through religion, and while people began to leave to go somewhere indoors, he continued to drink in the cold and snow.  He drank until he thought it was sensible to camp out in the massive snowstorm (which would eventually cave in his 3-season tent), and he thought that perhaps it wasn’t so cold after all.  At some point in this story, he blacked-out and was raped by Gayzelle, who desperately required his body heat.  Watching him stumble around the snowy camp was a riot, I’m sure, because eventually , in his struggle to obtain more beer, he fell ass-first onto the keg tap, which deeply penetrated his rectum and left the tap covered in shit (because he was obviously naked).  Ever since, he has been known as Tap That Ass.


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A drinking club with a running problem

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