Milk Bone

Hashing since: 2011

Mother Hash: Oregon Hash House Harriers

First made her cum: Crack Up

Naming Story:

After a couple months of hashing on and off, Milk Bone made the mistake of coming to the Dead Whores Snow Bimbo  weekend as a Just. This was not to be tolerated by Her Holiness, The Czarina Wet Spots. And so Wet Spots began prying – as she so often does after a drink or 6.9 – into the sexual affairs of the unnamed bimbo. She of course started at the beginning, because where better to start than at the most awkward sexual stage of anyone’s life? All of us bimbos listened with rapt attention to the following story from Milk Bone:

“So there I was, 15 years old, drunk on New Year’s Eve in a hotel room. “ We all nodded our heads, as this seemed perfectly reasonable. “Well, I was making out with an older guy,” (heads nodded), “and he pulled out his penis” (more nodding). “You know that stage of drunkenness, when you start saying everything that runs through your mind?” (vigorous nodding). “Well, I had never touched a penis before, and so I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as I touched it, I said, ‘So that’s why they call it a boner! It feels just like a dog bone!’” (slow nodding).

And so, due to her affinity for comparing the male anatomy to dog biscuits, and because she herself is a bite-sized treat, she was thereafter known as Milk Bone.




-This naming story brought to you by the lovely Poke Her Face.


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