Crack Up

Hashing since: 2003

Mother Hash: San Francisco Hash House Harriers

First made her cum: E.O. (Erection Overruled)

Naming Story:

Like many of us are when we first start hashing, Crack Up was very excited about the whole thing.  Beer, running, beer, wankers, beer, cocks and titties, and can’t forget—beer.  She was young and enthusiastic and eager to get blackout drunk, take off all her clothes, and sleep with all the wankers who complimented her tits—you know, like we all are when we are first introduced to hashing.

In fact, Crack Up’s boundless enthusiasm knew no end, she would actually cart wheel into all the beer check and on trail. So on Crack Up’s third hash, as she came carting wheeling into religion in her sluttiest hashing attire, everyone saw her beautiful ass crack go up and down and up and down. So, all the eager wankers got a crack up at her crack up (but I’m sure they were totally laughing with her).  Ever since, Crack Up has been cracking us up with her zany antics and her charming ass crack.


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