Alley Cat

Hashing since: 2006

Mother Hash: Portland Humpin’ Hash House Harriers

First made her cum: Yellow Dick Road and Athlete’s Twat

Naming Story:

After Alley Cat had been hashing about 4 weeks, she disappeared on trail at a Hump Hash.  Where was she?  Well, it wasn’t long before the pack heard high-pitched shrieks of excitement (typical of Alley Cat), moans of pleasure, and howls of ecstasy from a nearby alleyway.  She could be heard by every woman, child, and dog within a twenty-block radius. The pack could barely hear the sound of their own “on ons” over the commotion that came from behind the dumpster.  Some hounds we lost on trail due to the necessity of wanking off the sound of someone else’s orgasms.  Some hounds were drawn to the noises like a fat kid to cake.  Some hounds ran faster to get away from mental imprint of these two hashers defiling each other in public, and promptly scratched their eyes out.

When Alley Cat finally strolled into religion, she had an innocent smile on her face, and leaves, stickers, and dirt all down her back.  Shortly after, Rectal Rooter came into circle, coincidentally with his knees covered in leaves, stickers, and dirt.  From that night on, she would forever be known as Alley Cat, because she’s also attracted to that fishy smell behind the dumpster.


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