The trail that wasn’t

Dearest hashers,

Suki’s is played out.  Let’s not have another hash there for at least a year.

On On!

Romancing the Bone

P.S. I would write more trash, but my annoyance over the disaster that was last night’s trail keeps cumming across as bitchiness rather than humor (and you all know how I never bitch).  So, I’ll spare you.  (Damn, even that sounded bitchy.)


Today: TGIF Anal Horseshoe Bonanza?
Saturday: Tardcore fucks the Ballbuster
Sunday: Hash Bum’s Memorial Hash
Monday: Headless Horsemen and Hit it and Quit it has a Kahuna
Tuesday: Hash Brown touches the Beaver
Wednesday: The Fucking Pirate Hash!
Thursday: Chubby Chaser shows the No Name an original trail!


One thought on “The trail that wasn’t”

  1. Reminds me of the Hash runs I did in Venezuela. One of them went around a llanfidl! Ugh! Other than the llanfidl run, it was a cool way to see parts of the area I would never see otherwise. On, on!

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