Another Matzoh Ball Hash

In honor of laziness (since we all decided to walk [everyone, without exception, walked] straight back to FuuFuu’s house after the beer check), I would like to direct you to last year’s Matzoh Ball Trash: The Ten Plagues of Hashing.  It is still an awesome trash (if I do say so myself), and every bit as relevant to today.  How little has changed.

This year’s Matzoh Ball Hash was pretty much the same as last year’s.  The trail was still in FuuFuu’s neighborhood.  The Matzoh Balls were still delicious.  Plan B was still wasted.  Though, each year, I do feel like we all get a little more awesome.  The only big difference was that Alley Cat was there.  She actually helped hare, so I will have her naming story up in the next week (it might be in my best interest to post it after she goes back to Phoenix).  You should be really excited to read about her naming.  I believe it is possibly the best name story ever—even better than when Captain shat his pants at Gold Rush—even better than when Cockjaw had to be rushed to the emergency room after dislocating his jaw using the zombie killer (maybe).  Alley Cat’s naming story is truly epic.  Be excited.

Your suspenseful scribe,

Romancing the Bone


P.S. FuuFuu, Robo Dick, and Alley Cat’s naming stories still to cum.



Tonight: TGIF is the Anal Big Labowski Bowling Tournament

Tomorrow: Long Haired Wiener Dog is an Idiot at the OH3

Monday: Party in my Crack does the Kahuna

Tuesday: Long Haired Wiener Dog (again??) does the second Ballbuster

Wednesday: Flaming Hetero and Five Fists Deep Hump

Thursday: Ditch Bitch takes on the No Name!


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