No Name’s got a name

Poke Her Face here, filling in for our sexy hash scribe, Romancing the Bone, who’s currently romancing bones in Santa Fe.  She’ll be back tonight, however, per Cock Jaw, she might be too tired to make it to TGIF (read:  they’ll be at home, boning).  But I digress . . .

**NEWSFLASH!** The No Name Hash officially has a name . . . drum roll please . . . . . . . . the No Name Hash House Harriers!!!  This name has been brought to you by our new *official* hash anthem – all together now:

    I’ve been through the shiggy on a hash with no name
It feels good to be out in the rain
When you’re hashing, you can’t remember your name
And you drank so much beer that you’re feeling no pain
Drink it down-, down-, down d-down down-
Drink it down-, down-, down-

Many thanks to Male Man for the above lyrics.

Things you learn at the No Name Hash:

1)  Deboner lays trail?!?  Why yes, yes she does.  Tripod and Deboner took us through the lovely areas of 82nd and Mt. Tabor last night.

2)  It’s never too soon to have your next beer check.  Those hounds who escaped the lure of prostitutes and cheap Vietnamese food on 82nd, followed trail to a back road up the side of Tabor.  After finishing off the PBR at the beer check half way up the slope, we soon crested the hill to find – what?! – mini kegs of Hef and what I think was a German beer (I was too distracted by Barnacle Box’s infatuation with her boss’ dog to really notice what the other beer was.)

3)  Hobo camps have great views.  Coincidentally, they also make for great beer checks.  Yes, not even .69 miles later we arrived at our third and final beer check.

4)  Self Service and Frank Lloyd Thong are bad asses.  Seriously, ask Self Service how she got her stolen bike back once.  It’s a great story.

5)  Jumbo Jenga makes a great addition to religion.  Hared the trail?  Take a piece.  Virgin?  Take a piece.  Crime on trail?  Take a piece.  Knock it over?  Show us what you’ve got.

6)  If you bring a vuvuzela on trail, you will get the hash shit.  Be sure to sign it and bring it back next week G.I. Blows.

Honor to Tripod and Deboner for a shitty trail, Cock Jaw for an equally shitty religion, and the pack for an all around shitty time last night.


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